15 Top Perth Fitness Instagram Accounts of 2019

15 Top Perth Fitness Instagram Accounts of 2019

With over 385,000 tags, Perth Fitfam views thousands of accounts daily from all over the Perth fitness scene. We’ve curated the list considering:

  • Following size
  • Quality content
  • Requests from our community
  • Engagement
  • and entertainment.

Here are 15 of the top local Instagram profiles guaranteed to fill your newsfeed with some motivation, inspiration, education and in other cases… just some lols (in no particular order).

1) Felix Cane


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A post shared by (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Felix Cane ♥ (@therealfelixcane) on

Starting our list, Felix Cane is a two-time Pole Dancing World Champion who is famous across the globe for her signature move known as the ‘spatchcock’ exceptionally excellent splits. Felix was also a performer of the world renown Cirque du Soleil and currently runs her own pole dancing studio here in Perth, self-titled the Felix Cane Pole Dancing Academy.

IG Handle: @therealfelixcane
Followers: 68.8k

2) Renee Siljeg


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A post shared by Renée Siljeg (@reneesiljeg) on

Leading the way in Pilates, second on the list we have Renee Siljeg. The super fit and flexible Mum of two showcases her strength and skills through beautiful videos shot at her luxury boutique studio, Pilates House located on Canning Hwy in Palmyra.

IG Handle: @reneesiljeg
Followers: 40k

3) Angelina Polerina


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A post shared by POLE • CALISTHENICS • YOGA (@angelina.polerina) on

We’ve already seen one Pole Dancing account but there’s no way we could miss out on Angelina. Consistently on the cover of our explore page, Angelina’s mesmerising pole dancing videos are primarily shot from her family room. Angelina is also another fit mum who’s pole dancing skills were self-taught.

IG Handle: @angelina.polerina
Followers: 108k

4) Shannon Dally


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A post shared by Shannon Dally (@shan_ocr_man) on

Moving over to some of the gents, Shannon Dally is a specialised Obstacle Course Racer (OCR), and trail runner. He delivers some quality content and is a crowd favourite in this space. If you’re ever thinking of doing a True Grit or Spartan Race yourself, then he is your man.

IG Handle: @shan_ocr_man
Followers: 1,633

5) Harry Williams


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A post shared by Harry Williams (@holisticmovement) on

When we asked our followers what they were most interested in, over 70% said “yes” to bodyweight, handstands and movement. It’s then no surprise that one of the leading Perth fitness profiles is Harry Williams who resembles Caucasian Snoop Dogg (Harry is also gangsta AF). Harry is a coach who operates out of Inspired Movement Studio in Perth and Movement Co in Osborne Park.

IG Handle: @holisticmovement
Followers: 10.7k

6) Chris Wilson


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A post shared by Chris Wilson ???? (BSc) (@chriswilsonpt) on

Chris Wilson is a Personal Trainer who has worked hard over the past couple of years to establish himself across numerous platforms. Whilst working himself as a trainer, Chris has also popped up around the scene as a Lululemon Ambassador, a HBF Run Ambassador and will be opening his own facility in 2019.

IG Handle: @chriswilsonpt
Followers: 11k

7) Alice Round


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A post shared by Alice Round (@aliround) on

Leading the way in online coaching and building strong women, Alice Round is not shy to let you know how it is. Her qualified background in Sports Science and Nutrition allow her to back up her honest, no BS approach to nutrition and training. If you like no-nonsense advice and long IG Stories of puppies then make sure to give Alice a follow.

IG Handle: @aliround
Followers 22.5k

8) Paul Twyman


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A post shared by Paul Twyman (@pault8_upsidedown) on

A dude you probably won’t recognise unless he’s standing on his head, Paul Twyman or otherwise known as Upside-down Paul. His Instagram account is a curation of daily pictures, as you can imagine, of Paul being upside down in a handstand. He of more recent times has increased his Photoshop skills making some of his content extremely entertaining. Paul also teaches out of Aspen Coaching in Mount Hawthorn.

IG Handle: @pault8_upsidedown
Followers: 10.8k

9) Gerard Majda


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A post shared by Gerard Majda (@bodymajic) on

I’ve only recently stumbled on this profile thanks to taking a survey of our followers. All I’ve got to say is… “it’s hilarious”. Gerard is a Group Fitness and Personal Trainer who has a knack for extremely entertaining content. Do yourself a favour and head to his profile to check out what appears to be a serious of “Food Prep Fridays”. It resembles what I’d imagine to be the real life ‘naked chef’ with one episode even including a cameo of his Mum.

IG Handle: @bodymajic
Followers: 8,257

10) Jem Wolfie


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A post shared by Jem ???? Wolfie (@jemwolfie) on

Here’s my claim to fame… “I knew Jem Wolfie before she was famous”. Whilst her content may not be everyone’s flavour, Jem Wolfie is by far to most successful Instagrammer to come out of Perth, therefore deserves a spot on this list and is also ranked by HypeAuditor to be part of the top 20 Fitness Influencers in Australia.

IG Handle: @jemwolfie
Followers: 2.4m

11) Rochelle Rodgers


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A post shared by Rochelle Rodgers (@runningrodgers) on

If you’ve ever participated in a City to Surf or HBF Run then one thing is guaranteed, you’ve definitely lost to Rochelle Rodgers. A long distance marathon runner, Rochelle is a regular on the circuit and has one of Perth’s most highly engaged IG account profiles to go with. If you want to get inspired to get off the couch and go for a jog, check out Running Rodgers.

IG Handle: @runningrodgers
Followers: 21.2k

12) Anna Davey


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A post shared by Anna Davey (@anna.davey) on

Making my way down the list I just realised that this will be a first Ninja Warrior. Outside of being a Ninja on TV, Anna is part of the Australian Rock Climbing team and will be hoping to make the Olympics in 2020 where Rock Climbing will be a featured sport for the first time. Anna’s Instagram involves her defying gravity and completing impossible tasks, and occasionally her partner Tom.

IG Handle: @anna.davey
Followers: 43.3k

13) Emma Smyth


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A post shared by Emma Smyth BSc MDiet APD (@emmasmyth.nutrition) on

A little bit a trivia: Emma started her account as @activeinperth which still to this day is one of the most used hashtags in the Perth fitness genre. Emma is a Nutritionist\Dietitian who has done a great job of branding herself and creating a highly engaged community around no BS wellness advice.

IG Handle: @emmasmyth.nutrition
Followers 28.1k

14) Olivia Vivian


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A post shared by Olivia Vivian (@oliviavivian) on

I’m not going to lie… I got to the end of this list and realised I forgot our most famous Ninja. Olivia is a former Olympic Gymnast who has put her skills to good use by making waves on her appearances of Australian Ninja Warrior Season One and Two. Her Instagram account contains plenty of Ninja, acrobatics, gymnastics, infused with a touch of humour with her partner and fellow Ninja, Ben “the Gibbon” Polson.

IG Handle: @oliviavivian
Followers: 42.2k

15) Perth Fitfam


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A post shared by PERTH FITFAM Fitness in PERTH (@perthfitfam) on

Last but not least we couldn’t finish the list without included Perth Fitfam as one of the top Instagram account to follow. Voted #1 from our community, Perth Fitfam is the leading platform bring all parts of the fitness community together from strength sports including Bodybuilding, Crossfit and Powerlifting, to Yoga, Pilates and wellness. Whilst there are many accounts with huge followers from across the globe, Perth Fitfam is dedicated and focused to fitness enthusiasts of Perth making it the most highly targeted and powerful community.

IG Handle: @perthfitfam
Followers: 20.7k



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