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That wraps up another great weekend of powerlifting ran by Rucci’s Gym with over 91 lifters across two days. Highlights from day one included 56kg Michelle Hewlett dominating the field with an incredible display of determination as she successfully lifted an impressive 185kg only 2.5kg off the all-time Australian record.

In the men, Yianni Magoulias taking out the men’s 85kg (second overall looking at Co-Eff score) even after missing out on lifts in squats, bench (after a pec tear), and deadlifts.

Congratulations to all the athletes and volunteer crew for helping put on a great show and continue to grow the sport of powerlifting in Perth. Results of the event are below:

2019 GPC WA State Powerlifting Championships Results

Men – Raw by Weight Class

Men 75kg

  1. Warren Page (550kg total)
  2. Joshua Ryan Chila (535kg total)
  3. Tri Trong Tran (532.5kg total)

Men 82.5kg

  1. Yianni Magoulias (725kg total)
  2. Andrew Nguyen (680kg total)
  3. Mat Bailey (670kg total)

Men 90kg

  1. Jarrod Cavanagh (700kg total)
  2. Matthew Kennelly (680kg total)
  3. Christopher Whittaker (672.5kg total)

Men 100kg

  1. Macaulie Eddy (740kg total)
  2. Cody Stewart (690kg total)
  3. Stefan Chinotto (690kg total)

Men 110kg

  1. Dale Smith (835kg total)
  2. Tim Howlinson (782.5kg total)
  3. Brendon McEntyre (780kg total)

Men 125kg

  1. Dylan Moltoni (810kg total)
  2. Trent Harris (790kg total)
  3. Matt Dawson (765kg total)

Men 140kg

  1. Craig Dixon (700kg total)
  2. Brad Humble (645kg total)

Female – Raw by Weight Class

Women 52kg

  1. Jasmin Chard (235kg total)

Women 56kg

  1. Michelle Hewlett (427.5kg total)
  2. Samantha Johannes (360kg total)
  3. Rebecca MacPherson (337.5kg total)

Women 60kg

  1. Dani Pearsall (372.5kg total)
  2. Aliesha Sharp (362.5kg total)

Women 67.5kg

  1. Elle Temple (367.5kg total)
  2. Monique Delasalle (322.5kg total)
  3. Alexandra De LArmour (315kg total)

Women 75kg

  1. Amy Hapgood (430kg total)
  2. Sally McBrydie (367.5kg total)
  3. Alexa Toi (360kg total)

Women 82.5kg

  1. Tara Pratt (392.5kg total)
  2. Rebecca Ramsay (355kg total)
  3. Emily Hannigan (337.5kg total)

Women 90kg

  1. Ashleigh Satherley-Tua (367.5kg total)
  2. Annalize Coetzee (355kg total)
  3. Freda Papalia (355kg total)

Women 110kg

  1. Kerry Lee (420kg total)
  2. Tahlya Matairangi (417.5kg total)
  3. Shelby Dahler (315kg total)

Women SHW

  1. Jolanda Taljaard (420kg total)
  2. Katey Philp (365kg total)

Click here to see the full scoresheet.

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