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Whether you’re an athlete, busy mum or just really s*** at cooking, we’ve got you. Here’s four of Perth’s best healthy meal prep companies so you can hit your goals (and your taste buds):

1. Active Eating

Want to eat fresh, organic meals cooked by a qualified chef and nutritionist? Then Active Eating is for you. Their meals are gluten- and sugar-free and delivered fresh every Saturday to Perth metro. We love that they offer both custom meal plans (perfect for competitors needing to hit specific macro targets) or a set menu where you eat according to your goals (shed, shift or grow). Each meal has macro targets attached for easy tracking, and you can pick up free twice a week or delivery is Saturday. Founded five and a half years ago by PT, Nutritionist and Chef, Jasmine Lee Segler, Active Eating is the only approved meal partner of F45.

‘When I first founded Active Eating, I was PTing and running gyms on mine sites. Miners and friends in the industry were always saying it was easier to eat well on site than home, because all the hard work was done for them,’ says Lee Segler.

‘I realised I could help to make life easier for those who don’t enjoy cooking, don’t know how to eat healthy or are simply time poor.’

Lee Segler

Price: On a set menu, meals are about $14 each. Got your own meal plan? They’ll provide a quote. Delivery fees depends on location. Use code ‘FITFAM10’ to get 10 per cent off your first order.  

Ideal customer: Time poor corporates or competitors.

Why we love them: They keep it local. They use west Aussie suppliers to make their meals and are affiliated with Eat West Eat Best.

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2. Fit Food Perth

Far from a ‘brown rice and broccoli’ food prep company, Fit Food Perth is all about affordable, simple and tasty meals for the everyday gym goer. From beef stroganoff and chicken and chorizo risotto (our personal fave) to clean Moroccan chicken and chicken pad thai – there’s a meal to fit every goal and budget. You can also choose between large or regular sizes if you’re ordering with your other half (or you’re just hungry). Meals are delivered frozen. Just be sure to order to order before 11:59pm Sunday for Monday delivery.

Owners Natalia Panomarenko and Conrad Squire started the business three years ago as a side hustle but quickly realised its potential.

‘I started meal prepping for friends, family and anyone I could before realising the level of demand for this service. So, we dropped out of uni, quit our jobs and dove in head first.’


Price: $9 – $10 per meal. Delivery to Perth metro a flat rate of $10. Use ‘FIT20’ to get $20 off your first order.

Ideal customer: Anyone looking for a healthy, convenient service that won’t break the bank.

Why we love them: The macros – they’re good. Plus, their custom meals allow you to choose a protein, carb and veg source to fit your calorie goals and food preferences.

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3. Pro Fuel Meals

What started as a meal service for athletes in 2015, Pro Fuel Meals is now one of Perth’s most popular meal services. Offering custom packs where you pick and choose protein and carb sources, as well as portion-controlled set menus depending on goal (low carb/calorie, cardio and strength, muscle building), Pro Fuel meals are tasty, healthy and no-nonsense about their offering.

‘I have run the business for about two years with the goal of being West Australia’s number 1 meal prep company,’ explains 25-year-old owner Matt Advic.

‘Our mission is simply to help people in any way we can – be it by saving people time or giving people healthy, easy meal options so we can all spend more time training and living healthy.’


Order before 8pm Monday for Saturday or Sunday delivery to most locations in WA. Hot tip: their protein pancakes are second-to-none!

Price: $9–$14 per meal. Delivery is a flat rate of $15 for Perth metro and a little extra for regional locations. Use ‘PERTHFIT’ for $20 off your first order (minimum order is $80).

Ideal customer: Lovers of protein and making serious gains.   

Why we love them: They change up their menu regularly to match the season, so you have less chance of getting bored.

A meal in a plastic container with the Pro Fuel Meals logo attached

4. Easyfit

Founded in 2016 by PT Vanessa Thornley, Easyfit has come along in leaps and bounds over the past four years. You’ll get wholesome, satisfying meals that look as good as they taste (e.g. chicken parmy!). And there’s an option for almost any diet preference or requirement, including dairy-free, gluten-free and plant-based.

‘I started making meals for clients as part as my PT packages and their results were just amazing! And so my little business was born,’ says Thornley.

‘We pride ourselves on the absolute freshness of our meals. They’re packed with veggies and locally acquired proteins. We even use herbs from my dad’s garden!’


Choose from ‘Ketofit’ (low-carb), ‘Livingfit’ (general population), ‘Veganfit’ (plant-based) and ‘Bulkfit’ (higher-carb/calorie) meal options. Rather than choosing individual meals, you pick and choose the ingredients (proteins, carbs and dietary requirements), and they’ll come up with the meals that fit your preferences and goals. Meals are delivered fresh every Wednesday to Perth metro suburbs. Just remember to place your order by Monday 3pm.

Price: About $13.60 a meal. Shipping costs depend on your location and are calculated at checkout. 

Ideal customer: Vegans and ketos – these guys will sort you out!

Why we love them: Their customer service. All customer orders and enquiries are handled by the legend that is Thornley.

Chicken and vegetables in a container

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