Sep 13
WA’s Weightlifting Son of Odin Ant Usmar

Hear the mythical tale of the 125kg Mack Truck dubbed as Fat Thor, who over the past…

Sep 06
The Lord of Marketing Kim Barrett | #045 Perth Fitfam Podcast

Introducing the Lord… Kim Barrett Occasionally I get to fanboy on the…

Sep 02
Fitfam Findr: Perth Fitfam launches a dating app for Fitness Singles on Kickstarter

Perth Fitfam today announced the launch of the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for…

Aug 30
Fitness and FIFO with Finley Johnson | #045 Perth Fitfam Podcast

Fitness and FIFO with Finley Johnson An estimated 60,000 Western Australian’s…

Aug 01
2019 Crossfit Games Special Podcast Episode

It's Crossfit Games day and we're excited to be bringing you guys the Crossfit Games…

Jul 31
How the New Crossfit Games Scoring Will Work in 2019

It’s just a couple of days out until we get to experience the brand new format…

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