GUIDE: How to Become a Personal Trainer

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How to Become a Personal Trainer

Having a special interest and commitment to health and fitness is one good that you can do for yourself, but has it ever occurred to you to do this professionally? Helping others improve their physique and personal health is an endeavor worth getting into, especially if it can count as your main occupation! If you want to know how to become a personal trainer, this article will shed light on what it takes to become one.

Who’s Up to Be One?

Knowing how to become a personal trainer is something that must’ve crossed fitness mind at some point, but only a handful of people can and should become one. These are individuals who already have a personal, special interest in their own fitness and have the desire to share what they know to improve the quality of lives of others. In the personal training industry, you will find an assortment of people who come from different backgrounds: athletes, students who took up physical education or human kinetics in college, men and women who turned their lives around by getting in shape, and many more. While they’re all different in certain respects, the one thing they have in common is they wanted to know how to become a personal trainer so they can do it professionally.

A Day in the Life of a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers have different work setups. Some are employed at a gym, which means their working hours pretty much follow that of the gym’s schedule. Other personal trainers are hired privately or do freelance work, which means their schedule depends on how many clients they have for that day or week. One thing’s for sure though: part of knowing how to become a personal trainer means scheduling one’s fitness sessions regularly. This means finding time to work out on your own, whether it is after your early morning training session, or squeezing in an hour before your usual 5:30 pm client arrives at your gym after work.

Personal Training Courses in Perth

For the aspiring personal trainer, there are some courses that he or she can enroll in to become certified in Perth. These courses run all year long (from 7-14 weeks per certificate), and it is just a matter of monitoring the best training institutes for their announcements on when a class will open up. When it comes to learning how to become a personal trainer, it is wise to find a program that is near you, so it is more convenient to attend the sessions. You also have the option to study online, in which case, you can enroll anytime throughout the year. A quick search on the internet for websites and social media pages should yield enough information on this, so you can buckle down and choose the specific personal training course that you want to be certified in.

The Importance of a Certification

Having a Certification 3 and 4 is an important requirement before you start training clients – and with good reason! First, undergoing and passing these certifications means you successfully passed a standard of excellence in the personal trainer industry. This makes you more qualified than others, and you have the papers to back it up. Second, being in possession of Cert 3 and four means you are in a better position to create personalized training/workout programs for your clients as you have the knowledge that is required to deliver the results that they want. This also means you avoid any problems when it comes to professionalism, safety, and efficacy – three things that all clients will want to be assured of when undergoing a program of any personal trainer.

A Commitment to Self and Others

Becoming a personal trainer is taking what you love and elevating it to the next level – both personally and professionally. Your desire to be in the best shape of your life and knowing the benefits that accompany it drive you to deliver the same kind of results in others who need help in this area. You can do this as an employed or contracted trainer at the gym, or strike out on your own as a private personal trainer. The important thing, however, is to ensure that you are certified in what you do so you maintain the trust and confidence of your clients as you help them work their way towards the kind of body and lifestyle that they wish for!




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