Feel Your Best Fitness aims to inspire their clients to lead more active and healthier lives. Each session is designed to challenge your mind and body to be at its best, focusing on boosting your energy levels, toning up and burning fat.

Our outdoor training sessions are also designed to be fun, we use a range of different exercise modalities to make sure your body is challenged. These include boxing-for-fitness, functional strength training, high intensity interval training and core strengthening and flexibility. All our workouts are functional and focus on technique, breathing and muscles activation to avoid injuries.

Part of a balanced lifestyle includes quality sleep, great nutrition and reduced stress. Our bodies also need time to rest and recover to become stronger and fitter. Finding a good balance also includes eating the foods you love (but may be bad for you) on occasion. Life's too short to not enjoy a bit of chocolate! I like to encourage you to eat these foods on the odd occasion as it helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle for life, rather than suffer for too long and then binge on it later.

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