About Range Of Motion

Range of Motion specialises in the creation of happy, healthy, highly performing individuals, communities and generations.

Our Branches

We operate four distinct branches centred around one location; our CrossFit Affiliate, Clinic, Corporate Health and Education branches. Each branch follows the principles set down by our underlying model, The Range of Motion Model of Health.

Our Exercise Branch specialises in scientifically based, intelligent and individually prescribed exercise training for all levels of exerciser.
​Our Clinic Branch provides Exercise Physiologist run programs for sufferers of chronic disease and those requiring injury rehabilitation.
​Our Corporate Branch reaches large numbers of individuals, via business, through the administration of Corporate Health and Seminars.
Our Education Branch empowers individuals through science based education and publishing.

The people we help

At Range of Motion, we work extensively with the general population. Our clients range from those with chronic medical conditions, acute musculo-skeletal injuries, children with motor control deficiencies and highly deconditioned individuals, right through to top level elite athletes, including state, national, and international representatives. Entire families make Range of Motion their second home.

Range of Motion CrossFit

Our CrossFit branch, Range of Motion CrossFit, is relatively unique in its operation. We function with several key differences to many standard CrossFit Affiliates.

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  • 5/34 Sundercombe Street, Osborne Park Perth, WA, Australia 6017

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