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The problem
For a long time personal training was reserved for only a select few, simply it was too costly. Then came crash courses in Personal Training, where people were able to get qualified in 6 weeks, this is not enough to be in charge of someone’s health and fitness. So, when looking for a trainer you were likely to get one that was a) too expensive, b) underqualified or c) even worse – both.

The solution
The solution at RBT is that we guarantee to provide our members with the highest quality of service from our body transformation coaches.

Our coaches have real-world experience either changing their own and/or client physiques. The systems we use have time and time again achieved the desired results. What will RBT do for you? Results! Your results are our results so we ensure that you achieve your goals. We do it without the use of crash diets and fad training programs. The systems we use cut out the crap and more often than not, actually make peoples' lives easier because the methods we use are that effective. We get real-world results with real methods and techniques backed by our member body transformations.

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