MVMT is a new style of Mat Pilates. Unlike any mat class, we use customised props (sculpting weapons) in creative and challenging ways to deliver you the most effective total-body workout.

You don’t need big machines when you got MVMT Props and a mat. You want a workout to strengthen, lenthen and tone - with a little effort as possible? Same.

Creative, Energetic and Playful new style of Mat Pilates. Everything you love about a reformer class with the seamless flow of mat class. Intelligent. Ass-lifting, Core Strengthening movement delivered in a safe and supportive environment.

We deconstruct complex movements and make them simple. We use MVMT props to make sure the “right muscles” are working... (and the “wrong” muscles stay quiet and uninvolved). Practising correct movement over and over results in getting strong af. Building the knowledge and awareness of good movement strategies - that is the game changer.

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