Perth Athletes at the Arnold Sports Festival 2019

The Arnold Sports Festival is the largest multi-sport event in the world (yes, this also includes the Olympics), promoted by the man himself Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the biggest weekend of the year for bodybuilding and fitness in Australia. We’re excited to be heading to Melbourne to cover the weekend and showcase our Perth athletes kicking goals across a range of different sports.

Here’s a list with some of the Perth athletes to follow who will be competing over the weekend:

Bodybuilding, Bikini and Fitness

James Newcombe

Shayne Smith

Kayla Jones

Helen Savage

Sinead Brewer

Jess Hamersley

Kristen Conway

Ashlee Clitheroe

Talitha Scott

Kathryn Michelle

Maeve Kavanagh

Nicole Tan

Rezz Smith

Tony Nguyen

Stefan Babij

Cameron Hill

Xavier Wills

Alex Morosan

Adrian Morosan


Jess Day

Ahmed Hulameh

Adeeb Rahman

Kyle Love

Joel Mcaughan

Dylan Hellriegel

Rob Joyner

Mark Inglis

Brian Cook


David Buck

Jacqueline Chmura

Jana Rawlinson

John Sleeves

Karen Anderson

Matt Lynch Blanch

Paul Hough

Pedro Sanchez

Renee McLennan Henry

Josie Lorren

Ngarimu Ahipene


Tracey Gunn

Marilyn Tuna

Amanda Dickson

Tracey Walker


Joanna Littlewood-Johnson

Brenda Will & Cassie Lethlean

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There’s the Perth athletes who will be competing at the Arnold Sports Festival in Melbourne this weekend. If there’s anyone we missed, make sure to let us know so we can update the list and help keep you informed.

Find out more about the Arnold Sports Festival Australia here.

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