Perth Man Taking on the Antarctic Ice Marathon

It’s the coldest and southernmost marathon in the World, with temperatures around -30 degrees although in 2018 it got as low as -41c (and you think our recent mornings in Perth have been chilly). Named the ‘Ice Marathon’, a 42km race located in the centre of Antartica.

WA Policeman, Stu Hopkins has always had an interest in Antartica, but wasn’t until he saw the virtual reality film ‘The Antarctic Experience’ at the Perth Maritime Museum in Fremantle that he was driven to action. Climate change is real and for Stu he saw this as is opportunity to highlight the issue and get fit in the process.

Although committed to the race no matter what, Stu has pledged to collect 20,000 litres of rubbish prior to the race as a way to help crowdfund the $20,000 application fee (that’s one litre of rubbish for every $1 donated). You can check out his GoFundMe page here.

Here’s what Stu had to say in our quick chat about his endeavour:

“I’ve been training hard and I’ve gained some great support through Instagram.  Not only within the Perth running community, but also with a few celebrities who are kindly on board. Most notably Mark Donaldson VC (who’s been great support), world record holder and Antarctic athlete Colin O’Brady and the Antarctica Experience director (and west Aussie) Briege Whitehead. I’m trying to surround myself with inspirational and motivational people who will hold me to account and help me train harder.

I’m not a professional athlete and I have no Antarctic or polar experience. However, I am incredibly motivated and would like to be considered as a serious contender in the marathon. I ride horses in the West Australian Police. Prior to joining the Mounted section, I’d never ridden a horse before… successfully going through that process and riding operational police horses in taxing situations has taught me that anything is possible.”

Stu Hopkins @forty2stu

Stu, who will be 42 when he takes on the 42km race can be found on Instagram at @forty2stu.

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