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Sep 06
The Lord of Marketing Kim Barrett | #045 Perth Fitfam Podcast

Introducing the Lord… Kim Barrett Occasionally I get to fanboy on the…

Aug 30
Fitness and FIFO with Finley Johnson | #045 Perth Fitfam Podcast

Fitness and FIFO with Finley Johnson An estimated 60,000 Western Australian’s…

Jul 03
Cancer Survivor to Australian Ninja Warrior with Tash Sergi

Tash Sergi shares her super inspirational story of how she overcame cancer as a teen…

Jun 24
Men’s Mental Health Movement with WPN Wear

Making a movement for Men's Mental Health, join us for our chats with WPN Wear…

Jun 18
Binning your Inner Bully with Alice Round

Binning your Inner Bully Back for her 3rd time on the Perth Fitfam Podcast, my good…

Jun 03
The Rise, Fall and Resurrection of Sonny Webster | #036 Perth Fitfam Podcast

The Rise, Fall and Resurrection of Olympic Weightlifter, Sonny Webster Hear the…

May 15
The Future of Crossfit | #035 Perth Fitfam Podcast

It's the week of the Down-Under Crossfit Championships and we're catching up with 5x…

May 10
ATP Science Right of Reply | #034 Perth Fitfam Podcast

Our guests are Matt and Jeff from ATP Science. In our last episode titled “Supplement…

Apr 23
Supplement Marketing vs Science | #033 Perth Fitfam Podcast

Tune in as we discuss Supplement Marketing vs Science with Jackson Peos. Jackson is…

Apr 17
#032 | Perth Fitfam Podcast | Joshua Porter

Here's your chance to be a fly on the wall as we caught up with one of Perth's…

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