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Community Fitness Challenge for RUOK?

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It can be common in life to dismiss our emotional and physical well-being when there is so much pressure and focus on our daily survival needs.

What we know is that our mental health is affected when we don’t take care of these two pillars, they lay the foundation for us to perform well in life.

The RUOK? Community Fitness Challenge was created and inspired by a community of fitness professionals within the Crossfit community.

The mission at RUOK? is to help people get connected to these communities! Gavin Larkin the founder of RUOK? shared his heart felt message and said:

“Getting connected, staying connected is the best thing any of us can do for
both ourselves and anybody that may be at risk”

That said it’s not just about those at risk, RUOK? want everyone in Australia, right across the spectrum of society to reach out to the people in their lives that they care about and essentially let them know that they care, by asking ‘are you ok?’.

The Story

Blake Wood is from Perth, Western Australia and is a Community Ambassador for R U OK?

Blake believes in the power of a conversation and wants to mobilise the CrossFit Community to help R U OK? spread their important message.

Blake’s life has been completely transformed by The Crossfit Community. He believes that these communities are helping people far beyond the physical well-being, its the emotional well-being as well that goes unnoticed at times. This is why he is so passionate!

Blake was recently interviewed by R U OK? about an important conversation he recently had:

The Challenge

4 stations to align with 4-steps to a conversation


• 43 cal row each buy in
• 43 partner deadlifts….ASK
• 43 synchro burpee over bar…LISTEN
• 43 synchro pullups…ENCOURAGE ACTION
• 43 synchro wallballs…FOLLOW UP
• 43 cal row each buy out

The 43 reps symbolise R U OK?’s Founder Gavin Larkin, who lost his battle with cancer at age 43. Each coach on the day will share the meaning of the workout and the 4 steps to a conversation.

Content to be shared across social channels utilising the hashtag #crossfitforruok

How to get involved

Date: Saturday 15 September (2 days after RUOK? Day)

• Sign your box up (there is no cost)
• Encourage participation by promoting the event to your members
• Members to find a challenge partner
• A prize will be awarded to:
‘Most inspiring portrayal of what R U OK? means to you!’
This can be through a story, a video or photos.

CLICK HERE to participate at your local RUOK? Community Fitness Challenge registered gym.

You’ll find some great ideas on how to get your Box involved in the R U OK?
Community Fitness Challenge to help us create a more connected world.

RUOK? Community Fitness Challenge
Photo Credit: ruok.org.au



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