Top 10 Perth female fitness Instagram accounts

Round up of the top 10 female Perth health and fitness Instagram accounts.

In the need for local health and fitness inspiration? Then you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up the best Perth health and fitness Instagram accounts run by women, so you’ll never be short of nutritional recipes, workout ideas or general entertainment again.

1. @aliround

If you aren’t following Alice Round, are you even a Perth Fitfam? This qualified Sport Scientist, Nutritionist and mum provides her 27.5k followers with killer technique tips, workout ideas, and balanced lifestyle advice in both video and static/infographic formats. Her cute as toddler also makes regular appearances on her feed, and personally we can’t get enough of her.

A screenshot of an Instagram post containing a woman holding a child and smiling for the camera

2. @michellethorneycroft

The Co-Founder of Fit Trendz products – including the beloved Fit Aid – Michelle Thorneycrost is female fitness business woman goals. Her feed is light, bright and aesthetically pleasing, and she regularly updates her blog with useful fitness content, particularly for all the fit mums out there. She also has some amazingly simply healthy dessert reels available for your viewing pleasure.

A screenshot of an Instagram post containing a bowl of protein balls

3. @tashsergi

She’s a real-life Ninja and we love it. This Health and Fitness coach, three-time Australian Ninja Warrior and ovarian cancer survivor fills her feed with all the out-of-box moves your heart desires. From head stand oblique crunches to banded ab circuits, you’ll never be bored with your training routine again.

A screenshot of an Instagram post containing a woman doing a handstand

4. @liv.strelein

Physio. Exercise Sport Scientist. IFBB Pro League Bikini Champion. Shred city. Liv Strelein does it all and does it well. Anyone suffering from injuries or niggles, she’ll talk you through the causes and point you in the direction of qualified help. Are you an aspiring bikini athlete? She’s also got some great tips for competing, including posing tweaks and inspo.

A screenshot of an Instagram post containing a person walking and overlay text reading 'Stress Fractures'

5. @becv.pt

Part of Alice Round’s coaching team, we are a big fan of Bec. Not only is she a Pro ICN bikini athlete, she’s also ridiculously down-to-earth, posting a healthy balance of body-positive/mental health content and workout inspiration. Her TikTok videos featuring all the stuff wrong with the fitness industry are also worth a watch – she’s sarcastic and we rate it.

A screenshot of an Instagram post containing a woman drinking wine

6. @denaebrown

A four-time CrossFit Games athlete. Enough said. But also one of the nicest humans you’ll meet and #fitnessgoals. We love her raw, honest captions, reflecting on her athletic career, experiences as a CrossFit coach and the challenges she faces today. She’s big on mindset, so prepare to assess your inner-psyche and how this impacts your training on the daily. Denae also posts plenty of challenging CrossFit-style workout videos, so there’s something for everyone.

A screenshot of an Instagram post with a woman carrying a sandbag down some steps

7. @izzybeeston

This Cockburn-based PT and Online Coach has been posting more useable fitness content in the first half of 2021 and we are all about it. Take a look at her food highlight for healthy meal inspirations and at her training highlight and feed for home/gym workouts galore. Her captions also contain great little tips on goal setting, diet tweaks and weight training.

A screenshot of an Instagram post with a woman smiling and showing her muscles to the camera

8. @demiroseallaway

Perth Fitfam Partnerships and Events Director, Bri Caracciolo, swears by this feed. A Female Transformation Coach and certified Nutritionist, she has a no-nonsense approach to coaching and it shines in her Insta squares. You’ll get quick and effective workouts, exercise tips and tweaks, and plenty of food for thought when it comes to everything female and fitness. Enjoy!

A screenshot of an Instagram post of a woman eating ice cream

9. @k8tbeee

Want some nutrition knowledge? This Perthian knows her stuff. A qualified Nutritionist, she’s all about nutrition/performance goals that don’t require extreme diets or detox-anything. We froth her macro-friendly, high-protein meal swaps, so you can have your cake (or cereal) and eat it too, and no-nonsense advice on some of the health industry’s biggest nutrition myths. You’re welcome.

A screenshot of an Instagram post of a woman cooking in the kitchen and smiling

10. @perks_of_pilates

Ok, so we aren’t just suggesting this chick for her ability to select an excellent Instagram pre-set (but it certainly helps). Elle Collins’ pretty, Pilates-focused Instagram feeds offers you plenty of inspiration for targeted exercises, dynamic warmups and activation drills using either the Reformer Pilates setup or a matt. So, you don’t need to spend your hard-earned on expensive classes – unless you want to.

A screenshot of an Instagram post of a woman working out in a gym

Stay tuned to Perth Fitfam for our top 10 Perth male fitness accounts later this week!



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