Top 5 Movement Gyms in Perth

Movement culture, calisthenics and ninja warrior are the latest fitness trends emerging around the world. These movement-based disciplines are designed to get your body functioning and moving correctly with minimal use of gym equipment. If you are looking for a new way to train and get great results and the traditional gym scene is not your cup of tea, then come take off your shoes and discover the art of human performance through body-weight training.

Here are the Top 5 Movement-Based facilities in Perth (in alphabetical order):

1) Aspen Coaching

The dedicated and experienced team at Aspen Coaching (Glenn Robson, Emma Robson, Paul Twyman & Luke Linthorne) offer education through private coaching, classes and events in their amazing space in Mount Hawthorn. Aspen Coaching caters for people from all walks of life. Their small-group classes mean more personalised coaching:

  • Ground Work: Our Entry-Level Class – Understand and digest the fundamentals that we teach.
  • Physical Development: The Nuts and Bolts – Develop both Strength and Mobility in a range of areas.
  • Physical Exploration: Diving Deep – Explore Handstands, Ring Strength, and Locomotion.

Whether you’re just starting to shift your approach to your physical health and are unsure where to start, or you want to train and exchange knowledge with like-minded individuals, why not come along to Aspen’s FREE Community Movement Session on Sunday 17th March at 10:00AM – 11:30AM.

Also, be sure to check out Paul Twyman’s amazing handstands skills… they defy gravity 😉

Find out more about Aspen Coaching

2) Inspired Movement Studio

Sam Farrell is an exercise scientist who has brought together his background in Crossfit, gymnastics and movement to open Inspired Movement in East Perth. His community based facility is a place where people can discover what their minds and bodies are capable of. Inspired Movement run small-group classes (max of 12 people) designed for both the beginner or advanced athlete and addresses mobility, flexibility, strength and core foundations. Classes range from:

  • Handstands
  • Movement
  • Conditioning
  • and the very popular Parents and Bubs class designed for prenatal and postpartum Mums to keep you moving in a safe and fun environment for you and your child.

Find out more about Inspired Movement Studio

3) Modus

Modus is the only specialist Ido Portal (Ido is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of movement culture) facility in Perth run by mentorship student Mark Bernacchi, an exercise scientist and Margaret Durnan, a chiropractor. Modus offers an intelligent and proven process to help individuals to discover their physicality, cultivate skills and develop awareness of how to LIVE, MOVE and also be STILL in their body. Their students learn how to become aware of their patterns, move their spine, locomotive across the floor, invert, work with objects, be co-ordinated, have speed, strength and mobility. Classes are run in 6 week blocks and are programmed and regressed/ progressed according to individual needs and abilities. “We provide an education to develop your body’s user manual.”

Find out more about Modus

4) Movement Co

Movement Co is a gym, but not as you know it. Founded by Jacob Moffit, his dream was to have a kickarse facility to train all types of movement in the one place. His motto Redefine Possible is a reflection of Jacob’s attitude that no matter your age, weight, gender, disability or lifestyle you can achieve things that you never thought were possible if you put your mind to it. Movement Co specialise in:

  • Bodyweight: Calisthenics, Handstands, Parkour
  • Strength: Strength, Strength Fundamentals, Conditioning
  • Mobility: Mobility, Movement and Flexibility
  • Kids Parkour

Find out more about Movement Co.

5) Ninja Academy

Founded by Dave Ravi whom was a contestant on Australian Ninja Warrior, Ninja Academy is Perth’s premier mixed movement and state of the art Ninja Warrior obstacle training facility. Ninja Academy is at the forefront of ninja -warrior style training not only in Australia but world-wide. They aim to improve health and fitness by introducing more movement and play into people’s lives plus bringing the benefits of obstacle training to the broader community. Ninja Academy has an extensive variety of classes:

  • Ninja X
  • Flexibility & Mobility
  • Strength & Stability
  • Tricking & Flipping
  • Handstands
  • Parkour
  • Acro Yoga
  • Rock climbing

Want to see real ninjas in action? Save the date for the Ninja Challenge League Finals on November 2nd & 3rd 2019 where competitors from all over the world will be competing for the Title of best Ninja!

Find out more about Ninja Academy

We believe movement-based training can suit people from all walks of life, beginners to advanced. These are the top 5 facilities making their mark in Perth. Have we missed anyone? If so, drop us a comment below!

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