Traditional vs Boutique Gyms in Perth

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With so many options now available on the market, how do you choose a gym? We love hearing from our Perth Fitfam community to find out what they love and recently ran a poll on Instagram comparing Traditional Gyms vs Boutique Gyms in Perth. After more than 600 votes and 100 answers here’s what some of them had to say:

27% of Those Were in Favour of Traditional Gyms:

“I like traditional gyms as they are cheaper that’s only way. Crossfit/F45 $$$”

“I like doing my own thing and commercial gyms have more equipment to do that”

“Everyone has different goals, but for a bodybuilder traditional is the best way to achieve…”

“Too self-conscious that I can’t keep up with group classes, so I prefer to train at my own pace”

“Traditional based on being able to workout at your own pace, flexibility of choice to listen to your (music)”

“More variety of equipment in commercial”

“Traditional, full service, I love training in solitude, just doing my thing”

“I prefer not being social, I’m a machine lover, bodybuilder thru and thru!”

73% of Those Were in Favour of Boutique Gyms:

“Boutique gyms tend to be more inclusive and provide more guidance for everyone”

“Boutique gyms all the way! More motivating which means there’s no slacking off”

“I prefer training alongside men… rather than the looking at you like a piece of meat in the weight area”

“Hotter guys” (actual answer, we are not making this up)

“I don’t have to think about what I need to do each session and get motivation from others”

“Boutique – Because there’s no ego or little man syndrome or gym grunting with light weight!!”

“More variety, globo is boring”

“I don’t have to think about the workout and I’m more inclined to push myself in a work environment”

Boutique Gyms Win – 73% vs 27%

Whilst it is certainly apparent that Boutique Gyms are most popular within our community and have a much higher success rate for their members, there definitely is no ‘one size fits all’. We’ve curated a list below to help you in deciding your next style of gym (explore Gyms in our directory):

Traditional Gyms

  • Cheaper Price ($10-20 per week)
  • Variety of equipment
  • Freedom to do your own thing
  • Ability to service a many members (1000’s)
  • Low active member rate (around 30%)
  • Lack of guidance and support

Boutique Gyms

  • Expensive Price ($50-60 per week)
  • Variety of workouts
  • Community
  • Smaller member bases (100-200)
  • High active member rate (90-95%)
  • Support and motivation

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