Win $5000 with the International Fitness Project

How would you like to earn a full-time income simply by completing workouts? Sound too good to be true? Well, this is exactly what owner of Legion Strength and Conditioning, Cem Duru, is launching into the world of fitness with the International Fitness Project.

Working with any high-level athletes who don’t have the ability to travel, aren’t sponsored by companies to compete, Cem saw the need for athletes to earn income for their effort and created the idea of an online fitness competition which allows athletes to produce something for their work.

“What I want to bring is something a little different… and I think it could be a lot of fun”

Every year over 300,000 people signs up to the Crossfit Open knowing that they aren’t going to get anything in return except for being a part of that community. The International Fitness Project aims to build the community aspect whilst offering rewards and a real chance of winning.

How the International Fitness Project works

There will be a new project once a month, and each project brings a new chance to win. Each project will consist of three workouts which will be released two days apart. Each project will have its own leaderboard, its own set of rules, its own events and its own structure (mixed pairs, individual). Each project will have a different fitness focus, for example, some projects may have a bias towards rowing, some lifting and some gymnastics, giving athletes of all shapes and sizes a chance to take home a prize pool of cash.

“My vision is to bring the sport forward and allow a way for athletes to earn an income”

Similar to the Crossfit Open, athletes will submit their workouts through video submission which will be reviewed by a panel of five judges. The winner’s video will be uploaded to the International Fitness Project’s website which the community of athletes will be able to see and give feedback on themselves.

On the flip side, if an athlete has been marked down for no reps, they can submit an appeal and the community can vote to have the judges’ call overturned, making it a fair competition where the competitors will have their voice heard.

A New Way to Earn Income in Fitness

As the International Fitness Project grows, Cem’s goal is to spread the prize money across as many of the top placed finishers as possible so that athletes have a real shot at earning a full-time salary.

“Don’t sit back and wait because the potential to do well is great. It’s really changing the game because someone who you might think is a really great Crossfitter, you may actually beat in this competition”

The first International Fitness Project event will begin on the 9th of June with ticket sales already open. The first prize pool starts at $5000 USD for the winning pair (about $7140 AUD). Check out the International Fitness Project website below to find out more.

International Fitness Project Website

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